1882 ltd mug: a memorable and fixating gift

Meet the "master potter" behind its colourful glaze.

In this series, we explore the makers behind every memorable gift that arrives at your door.


It may look like an average, everyday mug- the faithful holder of your morning coffee, your calming tea or even the darker season’s Lemsip, but we have come to learn it is so much more than that. Behind the scenes, it took one year to design. There was lots of back and forth, modeling and tweaking, given the many nuances of ceramic materials. On the surface of this particular mug there are a grand total of five different glazes. After each glaze is individually hand cast and fired, those different colors are applied individually — with plenty of time to dry in between — all by hand. The owner of said hand is a man named Keith. He’s known as the “master potter” around here because he’s worked in the industry since he was a mere 15 years of age. He’s currently 65! Which means he has been making beautiful ceramics for a whopping fifty years. When he makes a hundred mugs, he actually touches them five hundred times. After fifty years of mugs, being touched at least five times each you’ll forgive us if we leave the mathematics to you. Instead, let us be eminently grateful that companies like 1882 Ltd are out and about in the world, perfecting their craft and helping us create beautiful gifts for companies across the world.

Emily Johnson is the founder of 1882 Ltd and has collaborated with &Open on gifting projects.

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