Make Connections

How we help Sales teams accelerate their pipeline.

Our business gifts and the experience of receiving them are more than just direct-mail.

We create gifts that are an elegant representation of your brand; that demonstrate the value you place on relationships. Use them to accelerate your pipeline, start a conversation, introduce yourself to new contacts (or reconnect with old ones), or simply convey a gracious "Thank You" at just the right moment.

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What makes us better:

  • Our catalogues are custom-built with your branding teams, setting you apart from the crowd and ensuring that all messaging is aligned.
  • We integrate into your CRM systems, ensuring your frontline teams remain in core sales apps while tapping into our capabilities.
  • Our platform makes it easy to track your budget and inventory in order to manage costs.
  • Your prospects can be anywhere in the world, and our worldwide logistics ensure automated local rate shipping wherever that might be.
  • Our intuitive software requires no training, keeping your frontline resources doing what they do best.
  • No address? No problem. Our tools only need an email address.

83% (of C-Suite execs) believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits.

2019 Business Gift Satisfaction Report

Ready to harness the power of gifting?

We build brand love. Our team and technology can increase your business’ customer and employee loyalty, retention and engagement.

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