Do one thing today: write a handwritten note

A handwritten note is a gift in itself. It shows thought, time, and consideration.

The physical act of writing; setting down your feelings in words that can’t be deleted or edited, speaks volumes.

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When a handwritten note comes in the mail, people pay special attention to what it says. It announces beyond a doubt that the reader really matters to you

Margaret Shepherd, The Art of the Handwritten Note

It carves out time, however brief, during which your mind is solely on the recipient. They’re your priority #1: conveying whatever it is you want to say is so important that you’ve found a pen, chosen writing materials and ditched your cell phone in order to give them your utmost attention.

Eames Letter 01
Eames Letter 02
Eames Letter 03
Eames Letter 04
Eames Letter 05

In the 1960s, American designer Charles Eames regularly wrote letters to his daughter using pictures rather than words — personal, analogue emojis.

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