Gift links build customer loyalty

Show you care in any conversation with unique gift urls

Brands interact with customers everyday—across email, social, live chats, and more. Sometimes it’s to say thanks. Other times it’s to say sorry. Now imagine the impact if you could gift in any scenario, wherever you’re already chatting with customers? Now you can with gift links.

Gift links are a powerful tool for building customer loyalty across customer service, marketing and sales teams. For starters, they put your brand ahead of the pack, especially since only 21.72% of brands interact with people in a meaningful, personalised way* while 40.84% of customers want brands to personalise their interactions with them.**

There’s nothing more personal than a gift—and our gift links are always personalised to the recipient. Here’s why they’re powerful and how to use them.

Gift in any conversation

Connecting with customers in a meaningful manner is the hardest part about building customer loyalty. Luckily businesses already have various channels where customers often come to them: customer service emails, social media dms, live chats. With gift links, brands can bring gifting to meaningful conversations—and surprise and delight customers in a natural, not try-hard way.

It only takes seconds

Using the &Open platform, users can create unique gifting links in seconds. After that, simply copy and paste the link into any medium you’re already having a conversation, whether on social media, CX platforms, live chat, or text. We handle all addresses and shipping logistics from there.

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If you’re ready to experience the ease and efficiency of gift links (and receive a little surprise), click here and we’ll send you a personal demo to try.

Sources: *ASPIREIQ and **Lyfemarketing

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