Imperfect paths

Notes on an artist: Richard Long.

Richard Long, a British land artist, is known primarily for creating sculptures in places you wouldn’t ordinarily find them.

He first rose to prominence in 1967 when he walked back and forth over the same length of grass repeatedly in order to create a natural path in A Line Made By Walking.

Andopen Richard Long Paths Group One

A Line Made by Walking, England, 1967 • Walking a Line in Peru, 1972 • A Line and Tracks in Bolivia, 1981

Long typically finds inspiration for his art in walks across secluded landscapes. Having traversed an area-be it a small field or a trail a thousand miles long-he follows up with sculptures in the same vicinity. His walks have led him to create land art everywhere from his home in Bristol, to Patagonia, Australia and even Antarctica.

He creates utilising two of the world’s most simple and most ubiquitous shapes: the line and the circle. And he enjoys that his art can sometimes be completely unrecognisable as part of a landscape; that overtime, what he’s created will succumb to the weather and become once again, nature.

Andopen Richard Long Paths Group Three

River Po Line, Italy, 2001 • Five Paths, New Art Centre Roche Court, 2002 • Daydreaming Line, Bristol, 2020

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