Our history

Our story is ever evolving; a twist of threads that strengthens with every little turn.

Before &Open, we were Makers & Brothers, a critically acclaimed small retail project dedicated to selling objects of use; the simply beautiful and nicely odd.


We wanted to develop a fresh approach to small-scale retail, one that told stories and brought attention to the beauty of the everyday. More than anything else, we were curious to see if anybody was interested in what we had to say, and for 7 years we explored this idea of a unique retail experience in earnest.

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oil lamp

Makers&Brothers proved an adventure none of us could have anticipated; years of intrigue, beauty and a wealth of incredible people encountered. And as we progressed, opportunities began to emerge, one such involved gifting; gifting at scale, gifting with care, gifting for interesting global brands.

In 2016 it raised the question: What are we doing as a company and more importantly, why are we doing it? The answer was &Open; a company very much built on the foundations we had established with Makers & Brothers, however this time with even greater ambitions and focus. This venture would see us foray into the world of corporate gifting.


The Souvenir Project

A marked move away from retail and into the world of B2B, we wanted to take both a pragmatic and poetic approach to an industry as old as trade itself; balancing the wonderful efficiencies of modern technology with careful gift design, while prioritising the human experience above all else.

We have grown from a team of 3 in a garden shed to a team of 25 curious creatives and technologists(or software savants? They’re a particularly modest crew). In 2018 we opened an office in San Francisco, and branched our operations out globally, launching into the Chinese market among many others. And today, we work with some of the world’s most innovative brands around the globe gifting to their most valued connections. In doing so, we’ve created a new narrative around corporate gifting: one that champions the human; our relationships; and care, in a fast-paced world where these are all too often overlooked.

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