Three simple tips for sending gifts digitally

It doesn’t have to be so impersonal.

We are so bombarded by token generosity that we barely even notice it anymore. Look in your inbox (or junk folder), and you’ll find offer codes and vouchers for products you don’t want, services you’re not interested in and experiences you’d never sign up for.

Where did this come from? you wonder. What good this is if it’s already expired? you say.

Our corporate clients often ask us how they can give digitally in an impactful way. The appeal is clear: digital gifts are instantly accessible, easy to distribute, a quick hit to make people feel good and nothing’s wasted if they’re not redeemed. As a gifting technology platform that prioritises building real human relationships through care, we try to remind our partners that gifting provides the opportunity to take an online relationship into the physical realm. (Even if it’s ironically through a digital touchpoint.)

Digital Gifts Long

Digital gifting can be impactful, it just requires a little thought and lot of creativity.

That said, digital gifts often go unnoticed for two reasons:

  1. They’re lost in an overflowing email inbox
  2. They’re not thoughtful and sent carelessly in this form — and therefore not useful or valuable to the recipient!

The secret to making digital gifts more impactful is by rethinking their presentation, context and content and by ensuring there is genuine thought behind them.

Like any physical gift, there are a few things that go into making a digital one memorable. Here’s what we’ve found after sending thousands of digital gifts around the world:

1.Presentation is Paramount

Think about any memorable experience you’ve had. Whether it was an incredible meal, luxurious hotel stay, or unwrapping of a special gift, the sensory aspects — the look, touch and feel of the moment — mattered. The same holds true for digital gifts: they must be considered as an experience onto themselves. The art is in working within the constraints of a digital medium by using clever copy and beautiful branding all to present a beautiful, thoughtful gift for the recipient.

2. A Human Connection → Valuable Conversation

So many people forget that gifting’s ultimate purpose is to foster connection, which is why we always follow up with a warm note. In it, we express that we hope the recipient enjoyed their gift and let them know we’re around for anything else should they need it. It’s an easy, often forgotten step that ensures the individual received the gift and grows relationships even more.

3. Gifting at Scale = More Happiness Globally

While personalised, thoughtful gifts are tantamount for success, on a corporate scale that attention to detail simply isn’t possible. That’s why we’ve made our mission to sending digital (and physical) gifts around the world easy at scale. It allows your team to send gifts that resonate and focus on what matters: building the business and connecting with customers daily.

We discuss these things nearly 24/7 and are happy to share what’s on our minds when it comes to gifting and connection — and hear what’s on yours. Truly, email with “Irish cheese” in the subject line. We’ll happily respond.

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