Why gift?

It’s about care, connection and loyalty. Reach your customers beyond the digital realm, to tell them you value them. It strengthens relationships both ways.

Spark Engagement

Engagement leads to lasting relationships. Not many brands get this simple act right, but with authenticity and a little surprise via a gift, you’ll be pleased with the results—and your customers’ organic engagement.

Stand out among the crowd

Competition among brands has never been higher, so gifting immediately catches customers’ attention.

Give a good reason to connect

Customers can see through meaningless or self-serving gestures. A gift gives you and them a real reason to partake in an ongoing, meaningful conversation.

Make someone’s day

Everyone could use more kindness and care in their daily lives. Gifting allows your brand to embody those qualities and brighten up someone’s day or week—or maybe even year.

Build Retention

Retaining customers is key to growing a healthy business. In today's environment it’s more important than ever; you need your customers to stick around. Gifting connects you to your customers, engages them, and reinforces your relationship. It shows you care, which counts.

Show them you care

When your customers post a positive review on social media send them a gift to say thank you.

Say sorry

Following a bad experience, address the issue and make amends with a gift. Proper apologies are a powerful way to bolster a relationship.

Tell them they matter

Sending a gift before a subscription renewal reminds the customer why your brand is different. It says you notice them. A small act of care goes a long way.

Create Advocates

Advocacy counts. Successful brands inspire their customers to spread the word, building valuable communities around your brand. Gifting is a human touch that shows you care.

Make your brand human

Thoughtful gifts mark special occasions and show you care about your customers as people, more than numbers.

Go beyond words

When your customers post a shout out on social media, make them feel heard and seen by saying thank you with more than a repost.

Celebrate milestones

Celebrate the milestones in your relationship by rewarding loyalty of significant spends, a 100th booking or an anniversary.

I have worked with &Open for several years and always appreciate their creativity and passion. They continually strive to create a world of exceptional gifting.

Aisling Hassell
VP Community Support

Happy customers can be brand ambassadors

Our gifting is the loyalty programme for the 21st Century. We don’t rely on points or tiers, we take a human approach that leads with care, bridging global brands to loyal customers.

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